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Welcome to BANNER Books

Some say that in the year 2017, why would anybody in their right mind launch a new book publishing business?

Our view was that people still read, they like good books to read, and that there are many good writers out there who cannot find a publisher - and so their literary efforts never see the light of day!

BANNER BOOKS is a Canadian publishing business aiming to bring new and good books to readers everywhere.

You can shop on this site and buy books that interest you.  We will ship them to you as quickly as we can.

So enjoy looking through our website and have fun exploring the new books we have to offer you.  

More will be added as we grow and expand our stable of authors.


Bradley Harness, Publisher

Our Mission:

To provide you with a great read while informing and entertaining you!

Our Story:

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We started out in newspaper publishing

Back in 1996 we launched a regional local community newspaper outside London, Ontario, and that expanded and has been profitable.  The stable of creative talent has garnered a loyal audience. A second newspaper serving an adjoining county was successful since its launch day and sadly closed due to an extreme lack of staff in the local area with the proper skills to get the jobs done.

We added telephone book publishing

Everyone thinks the good ol' telephone book is dead.  Not so in the markets we play in.  Those four regional phone books are very popular and an excellent help for residents and business in those areas to connect.  Many people love their local phone book and in areas where they do not have one, they wish they did.  Online phone number references are only accurate some of the time.

We added Websites & Magazines to our publishing

Website work has included the newspaper online edition, a website for the telephone books, political and art websites.  Magazines have included regional magazines and the newest, Grizzly! Mens Magazine, will launch in 2018.

Finally we have added Books!

There have been many excellent writers who have written for us through the newspapers, magazines and websites.  Those that had the interest and where there was a good fit and a marketable idea, have been offered publishing contracts. They are on this site and others will follow as those books are published.

Please email or call us to learn more:

1​ (519) 293-1095 or email [email protected]