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Life In A Northern Land

This short story collection is the first from author Bradley Harness.  These short stories touch upon Canadian themes and places, with serious and light-hearted tales for you to enjoy.

Life In A Northern Land - Short Stories by Bradley Harness

Tales From The Great White North

This is the second short story collection from author Bradley Harness.  This new book contains 10 short stories about life, love and pursuing your dreams.

Tales From The Great White North - short stories - by Bradley Harness

The Lost Kingdoms

This is the first novel of writer Bradley Harness.  Completed in 2017, it is a tale set in the Dark Ages in England.  This was a time after the Roman departure from the island province of Britannia and before the Vikings arrived.  The power vacuum was filled by local lords turned kings, and their kingdoms faced each other for survival.  This book focuses on Young King John of Went and his loss of his kingdom to local pirates Finian Gale and Jeb Stow.

The Lost Kingdoms by Bradley Harness

The Lieutenant

Bradley Harness has delved into his past as a naval officer to write this first novel in a series of six about an heroic Canadian naval officer's career fighting the enemy at sea.  In The Lieutenant, we see Richard (Dick) Murray take command of the Motor Launch Q67.  His raw crew must be whipped into shape as the small wooden-hulled anti-submarine vessel escorts convoys and hunts for German U-Boats in the St. Lawrence Gulf and River in 1942.  Can Murray and his crew make a difference? Will they survive to take the war at sea across the ocean?

The Lieutenant - by Bradley Harness