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Happily Ever After

- One man's real online dating experience revealed!

You've heard about online dating...Who hasn't, right?  Well, for those into it they know what it is about.  But for those considering trying out online dating and wondering if it is for them, this book by author John Bradley will help you to decide.  Based on his real experience's after divorce meeting woman in Canada through online dating sites, he tells us how they each went...who he met, what they were like and whether he found his Match!  Spread over 5 years of online dating, he brings his insights into how to do this, why, what you'll find, where it might go and draws interesting conclusions about online daters from their various backgrounds.  Finally, he has his proven Probability Formula so you can see how many you will have to date before finding your Match!

Happily Ever After - One man's real experiences online dating

Canada's Role In The Gulf War:1990-91

This book was written back in 1991 and never published.  It is full of detail about the Canadian Armed Forces participation in the 1990-91 Gulf War that saw Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait.  The Coalition - including Canada- responded to help a friendly nation (Kuwait) and the ensuing war saw Canada's naval and air forces on the front lines, and her army protecting the ground facilities used by our military.  100 pages, many photos.  Author Bradley Harness

Canada's Role In The Gulf War:1990-91


This book is an entertaining compilation of diversions for your mind:  The award-winning cartoons of Steve Nease, the masterful local historical tales of Alice Gibb, and the always enjoyable Mystery Wordsearches of Brad Harness.  One-third of this fine book is dedicated to each.

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Consensus Ontario - A New Path For Ontario

Ontario's political climate has been stuck pretty much in a constant state of flux: Conservatives, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists and Greens.  Elected governments undo the work of predecessors and implement their own often weakly supported agenda.

This book maps out a path to arrive at a New Ontario, one in which the everyday voters have a direct say in charting the course the provincial government will take through outlining the priorities that voters want to see followed.  This book also discusses results from surveys of voters in Ontario and also discusses ways to develop policies to implement these priorities of the common people. A must-read!

Consensus Ontario - A New Path For Ontario