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If you have written and re-written your book and want to see if Banner Books would be interested in publishing your masterpiece, feel free to mail a sample chapter along with your personal biography. Also include a one-page synopsis of your book, and include thoughts as to who you think might buy your book and why.

Double-spaced one side pages only.  Font at least 11 point Arial.  Material will not be returned but we will contact you to acknowledge receipt of what you have sent us.  We will provide a reply to you once we have read it.

If you want a specific and/or in-depth opinion of your work, please avail yourself of our manuscript review service below. 

 Mailing Address for Submissions is:  BANNER BOOKS, 175 Main Street, Ailsa Craig, Ontario N0M 1A0

All replies regarding your submissions will take 3-4 months.

Manuscript Review Service

Want to see what someone else thinks of your book?  Send in a full version of it, printed on one side only using Arial font 11 point type, double spaced.  Include copies of all photos/images you plan to use for your book if any.

Cost for this service will be $250 for the first 100 pages and $2 per page thereafter.  A written analysis of your book will be mailed to you with detailed notes provided as to how to improve it.

Editing and printing for


This service is for those whose books are not picked up by a publisher but still want to get it into print themselves and market it themselves.  We will help you edit, layout, and print your book in the quantity you desire.  Full quote by us will become a signed work order by you and we will get this done so you can get  going with selling your book!

Corporate, Municipal, Agency or Non-Profit Publishing

Shareholders or potential shareholders require your Annual Report?  Municipality or Agency or Non-Profit has need of quality writing, editing and publishing of your material in book/booklet form?  Contact us and we will discuss and quote for you!

What our customers are saying:

It's nice to discover that there are still people who enjoy the printed word.

Robert Standish, Ontario